Problematic Productions Presents...

A web series production camp that makes a point to use both dark humor and pop culture/ social satire to deliver trendy content in the the form of digital scripted  digital shows.


While mixing dark satire with elements of sci-fi, the “Nemesis” production line will deliver gritty dark dramedy series that focus on the individual and crossover storylines of several contemporary anti-heroes and villains in a world that feels all to familiar, but also operating on totally different rules. (You know, because of special abilities and stuff.)


 “This shit ain’t a comic book movie.  

That Spider-man "save-the-world" bullshit will get you killed out here.

So before you decide to play hero, motherfucker, KNOW this...

Victims are made every day-- take that back, every MINUTE. And every minute,

a bad guy just WON.”  

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